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The Occupational Safety for Government Installation (OSGI) is designed to train uniformed officers in the government with occupational safety and health (OSH) standards, safety hazards and controls, workplace emergency preparedness and administrative OSH requirements encompassing the public sector. Mainstreaming OSH has an integral role in curbing risks and necessary to embed it in developing and improving safety cultures in every workplace.

With the elevating occupational injuries and diseases in the Philippines, accompanied by numerous legislations, guidelines and standards for OSH, the critical factor or issue relates to lack of awareness among rights-holders on the provision of just and humane conditions at work.  On the part of the duty-bearers, there are unclear scope of policies in implementing OSH systems and mechanisms particularly on governance, information systems, health service delivery, human resources and many others.



The training aims to apprise the participants and widen their understanding on OSH, safety hazards and controls, workplace emergency preparedness and administrative OSH requirements. Further, this program will equip the participants of risk reduction to develop the necessary OSH skills, knowledge and attitude.

Considering the continuing influx of changes in the working environment particularly for the uniformed officers, there is a need to enhance and further improve their existing working conditions. 



Module 1 – Understanding OSH

Module 2 – Knowing Safety Hazards and Controls

Module 3 – Workplace Emergency Preparedness

Module 4 – Administrative OSH Requirements



Modular Form        

The training is solely presented or provided in an online modular method. This will be presented in two (2) days with an accredited 16 training hours starting from the opening of the course (14 December 2020) up to its culmination on 15 December 2020.

The modules will be online for the duration of the training or before its culmination.


Pre- and Post-Test

To gauge the level of understanding and judgment of participants on the subject matter or topics, the participants shall undergo the pre and post-test on the 1st day of the training and before the culmination, respectively.

The pre- and post-tests are valuable tools in assessing the growth in knowledge and understanding which are helpful in the completion of this training.



It is indispensable to recognize that the online mode of learning tantamount to a classroom-type of learning that certain behaviors is expected when communicating with both subject matter expert (SME) and co-participants.  Here are the guidelines for online behavior and interaction:

Educational Technology

Every participant shall create a Zoom or Gmail accounts identifying the participants’ title, complete name and agency he/she is connected to be properly acknowledged.

The Zoom and Goggle Meet applications will be used during the opening and closing of the training.


A username and password will be provided to you by the administrator. Please be wary that your password is the only thing protecting you from messing about or may lead you to more serious harm. To be secure, please observe the following:

·         Don't share your password with anyone;

·         Change your password if you think someone else might know it but you have to notify the administrator of any changes on usernames and passwords you made; and

·         Always log out when you are done using the system.

The National Police Commission as the agency mandated to administer and control the Philippine National Police is continuous in providing them trainings and developmental programs that will enrich not only their core functions as police officers but their whole development. The accomplishment of the mandated functions of the PNP largely depends on their human resources. 

The NAPOLCOM CARES PNP Project will be covering different main topics on Spiritual Development, Mastering the Art of Disciplining the Mind, Wellness Check and Applying Positive Psychology in the Workplace.

The NAPOLCOM CARES PNP Project is a one month program which is aimed in enhancing and strengthening the whole being of police officers. 

The program has four main areas to cover: Spiritual Development, Mastering the Art of Disciplining the Mind, Wellness Check and Applying Positive Psychology in the Workplace. 

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: Choose Divinity for Life will focus on the discussion of the book entitled, “Purpose Driven Life.”

MASTERING THE ART OF DISCIPLINING THE MIND: Mind over Matter will focus on four (4) sub-topics of Self-Control, Decision-Making, Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution.

WELLNESS CHECK: Breaking and Creating Habits will focus on the sub-topics of Self-Care, How to be Non-Toxic and Healthy Coping Mechanisms and Practical Wellness activities.

APPLYING POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY IN THE WORKPLACE: Building a PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning and Achievement) Life will focus on the sub-topics of How to Handle Criticisms and Negative Feedbacks, Building Healthy Relationships, Strengthening Pro-Social Behaviors and Mental Health Matters.